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Beach Sloth: Review of Emily-Elizabeth Scott’s Scab

this is a beautiful review of my scab by beach sloth <3 

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poem by ee scott about our lovely sweet dog from electric cereal

hehe here is a poem i wrote

so perfect im cryin 

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vag bone connected to the heart bone

heart bone connected to the hate bone

hate bone connected to the love bone

love bone connected to the death bone

death bone connected to the birth bone

birth bone connected to the lonely bone

lonely bone connected to the fuck bone

i love the skyy i fuck with

i fuck death with my love bone

i fuck love with my lost bone

i have never been unfaithful to the skyy

penny goring is a fucking dream 

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a poem about our dog by oscar arias 

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We walk.

Nobody else is here.

Your eyes are getting yellower.

I remember the sun, and smile, but the smile becomes a grimace.

I touch my temples.

They hurt from when the horns broke through.

The wounds are cracked and old.

The skin is flaky and itchy.

The horns are smooth.

The broken…

The state of mind poets are in when they write of course varies, but it is characteristically an unusual one in which the past plays a part as well as hopes and fears about the future, recollections of what has happened in the past few hours or days as well as memories about ancient Egypt or current events. If you have been reading books about gardening, zinnias and portulacas may be waiting, on call, as well, as may Italian words if you’ve been to the opera. Every word and every kind of experience is a possible contender for a writing poet’s attention, though many are automatically eliminated by that poet’s customary way of writing as well as by the theme or subject or mood of the day—and by what has already been written as part of the poem. “No rhyme!” the poet may silently say, “I’m not using it here. And preferably no lines about a bear since this poem I have begun is about sailing in Florida.” The bear—tugged in by a sound or a sense association—may arrive in any case: then the poet must decide what to do with it. —Kenneth Koch, Making Your Own Days, 94 (via trashingdays)


Beach Sloth got interviewed by Manuel Arturo Abreu for Graybook Magazine:

"I think I am usually considered a key component of the Alt Lit scene in that I try to review as much from the Alt Lit scene as possible. I like branching out though and finding other writers maybe slightly off the beaten path, those who do not comfortably fit into any particular style. Community is pretty much the thing that keeps my writing practice going. I have hundreds of things I have saved just waiting for that really lazy series of weekends when I can review all of it. Thankfully it seems like online writing will essentially never stop so the Beach Sloth project can continue indefinitely. My goal is to build community."

read the interview here

i love beach sloth and you should too